Emily Patterson grew up in Chatham, New Jersey where she began her training. She is a 2020 candidate for a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography, BA in Public Health, and minor in biology at Elon University. She has been honored to have worked with many choreographers in her time at Elon choreographed by Renay Aumiller, Kira Blazek, Sara Tourek, Gaspard Louis, Gerri Houlihan, Jen Guy Metcalf, and Yoshito Sakuraba. Additionally, she premiered a work, “Intransigent” which was selected to perform at the American College Dance Association, The Elon Fall Dance Concert 2018, and Wake Forest Medical’s Annual Dance Medicine Conference. Most recently, Emily has had the honor of being inducted into Delta Chi Xi honorary dance fraternity.



As we grow older we begin to realize the value of time and what makes time worth spending. My work surveys the way different age groups perceive time, and what monumental life events cause them to think in their respective ways.

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