Mariel Loughlin is a senior double major in Dance Performance & Choreography and Dance Science from New Jersey. Growing up, she trained at the Union County Academy for Performing Arts, New Jersey School of Ballet, and the Well Performance Project. She attended the American Dance Festival in Durham on a scholarship where she was able to further develop her artistic goals. She has had the opportunity to perform works by Casey Avaunt, Renay Aumiller, Jason Aryeh, Dawud Jackson, Carolyn Dorfman, and John Evans and has trained under the direction of Gerri Houlihan and Gaspard Louis. After graduation, she plans to pursue her Doctorate of Physical Therapy working with dancers and performing artists while hopefully continuing her dancing around the Greater New York-area.



     Throughout my process as an artist, I have worked to create an open environment where I can integrate my scientific interest and knowledge into the way I establish movement and organize dancers throughout the space. I have envisioned my body as a three-dimensional vessel with my breath filling up the empty cavities in my body to make each movement full of life. In a group piece, I have used the versatility of each dancer to add dynamic changes playing around with levels, timing, and speed. As I have reimagined my vision as an individual work, I have deconstructed partnering work and other group phrases into a solo piece and challenged myself to create the same dynamic qualities and textures as I would with multiple dancers, however, just on one body. I also have played around with the idea of transposition and reorienting different parts of the body to investigate the relationship they have as seperate parts and as a whole. Over the course of my four years balancing my passion for dance and science, I want this piece to showcase my research and understanding of how the body works and the freedom that comes from within it.

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