Alyssa Vacca is a Senior at Elon University graduating with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography as well as a BA for Arts Administration. She has recently interned with Koresh Dance School in Philadelphia and Urbanity Dance in Boston. Her love for dance started at the young age of three. She has since trained in a variety of styles as a Joffrey Ballet School Contemporary/Jazz Trainee. Currently, Alyssa is a company member with the Boston Community Dance Project’s adult company and is a member of the Dance As Art Photography Project with photographer Kevin Richardson. Alyssa is ambitious to continue growing and working in the arts to extend her knowledge of the field.



     One by one, my teeth began falling out. It felt like a constant state of pain and agony.  This dream I so vividly remember became a normal part of my nights. No matter how many times I had the dream, it wouldn't end until the last tooth had fallen out and every time this seemed to take longer and longer.

     This dream represented feeling trapped inside of my own body. A feeling of being in a constant state of stress and anxiety. A feeling of losing yourself. This recurring nightmare is the driving force of the movement throughout the piece. Creating movement motivated by anger and instability actually became the freedom and stability I was searching for. We all have things that help us escape the world we are in. There are places that can bring relief and activities that can bring happiness and euphoria. Deep down at everyones core there is something that is there for us to fall back on to help dig us out of whatever hole we feel like we have fallen into. It is just a matter of finding it. 

     Isolated and ripped away from our daily routines, many of us are feeling this same sense of instability, fear, and lack of control. Our lives have started to feel like this dream I have been stuck in so many times before. While we may all have times where we feel suffocated by the world around us, as well as our own thoughts and feelings, there also comes a point where we are offered a sense of release.

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