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Perception Dance is an artistic collective of eight dancers who share common artistic goals of creative development, experimentation, and preparation for professional careers in the field of dance. As artists, we strive to empower each other to find new avenues of expression through movement. We facilitate our ongoing growth by investigating the intersections of theatrical performance elements through our choreographic collaborations.

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We measure time in remarkably strict intervals, given that the human perception of time is largely a subjective experience. Though constant and indefinite, our minds can make the unfolding of time feel as if seconds are dragging on and hours are flying by. Neuroscience and psychology suggest that humans may have a biological system, or systems, deep in our consciousness that govern how we measure our time. How we perceive the duration of certain events can be affected by the emotions or situations we are experiencing in and around that moment. Our choreography explores the philosophical, scientific, and emotional aspects of our world that construct our understanding of time. Perception Dance aspires to explore eight unique lenses of the experience of time through movement, individual research, and collective collaboration in an effort to give our audience insight into the fluidity and flexibility of time.

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